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Processing film material using chemical cleaning

Processing film material using chemical cleaning
Speaking in front of the film material is hydrophilic three means, let's look at the use of chemical cleaning treatment of the film material. In addition to the liquid to be treated before the treatment, development of improved stain-resistant film material and the like of the film surface preventive measures, there is commonly used chemical method antifouling detergent for cleaning the contaminated film to partially restore the membrane flux for example for ultrafiltration, the kind of cleaning chemical cleaning agents used in general and types of reverse osmosis cleaning agents used in the same. However, when the specific choice should be based on the type and extent of pollution, physical and chemical properties of the film to Select OK and cleaning agents.
When dealing with film material cleaning agents may be used alone, but more cases are complex to use. E.g., the main components are inorganic fouling substances (such as scale, iron salts, etc.). The recipes available acids, chelating agents, nonionic surfactants and dispersants thereof. If the soil is mainly organic soil, such as oil and slime it is usually anionic or non-ionic surfactants, alkalis, oxidizing or reducing agents, dispersants and detergent enzyme complex formulations.

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