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How to properly posted double-sided adhesive?

How to properly posted double-sided adhesive?
Double-sided adhesive paste correct way:
1, we have before pasting the media, tape and stick drum set period of time at the same temperature;
2, before pasting, must be affixed to the plate cylinder and clean;
3, if the version posted in the sleeve, you must use the minimum air pressure to prevent deformation of the sleeve;
4, double-sided tape joints should be staggered junction with the plate;
How to double-sided adhesive stickers
5, when the taping, it is best to use a squeegee to sweep parallel manner even tape affixed to the cylinder, between the tape and roll version can not leave the bubble; (if retained application to pierce the bubble exclusion)
6, before determining the position of the plate, the plate with tape to avoid premature exposure to determine the printing position, the protective layer side while removing the tape with a rubber roller to the plate in a parallel manner swept affixed to the tape;
7, in the printing process when cleaning the plate, cleaning solvents should avoid contact with the tape to avoid damaging the tape;
8, when the plate is removed from the tape, the tape between the plate and the angle should not exceed 90 degrees.
9, the local version of the interface remain about 5mm, the use of 3M electrical insulation tape sealing the 1600 version works well, can effectively avoid the Wiping cause pollution ink warped version of the interface, and very economical.
10, double-sided adhesive over repeated use can produce undesirable overprint phenomenon, especially a version has been changed, so it is prone to the case and use a long time.

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