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3M double-sided adhesive die-cutting plant where?

3M double-sided adhesive die-cutting plant where?
3M tape in our daily lives is the most used one tape, glue law which either single-sided or double-sided adhesive can give us an easy to use it. However, in many 3M adhesive industry, its potential development in recent years, more significant decline, and even began to fall of the state. To this end, the emergence of 3M adhesive processing, began to lead the entire tape from the market.
There are two plastic-based classification often touch, one is acrylic plastic, use can be compared throughout the bonding metal, plastic, glass and other objects look high strength material; one is a silicone rubber, such tape can be directly and rubber, silicone bonding materials, without other disposal. Adhesive goal is not the same as used nor when the market using the acrylic adhesive tape made of the other side of the plastic surface is silicone rubber, so you can stick side PC, sticky side silicone key. While if using acrylic glue to stick silicone keys you need to use a special potion disposal silicone key information, and then change its outer strength adhesive.
3M double-sided adhesive die-cutting factory where
3M adhesive tape and the tape can not be peeled off after a good stick, generally coating unevenness of reasons, some leakage from the film coating will make a more serious site no release effect, causing the tape can not be peeled off, die-cutting round knife this issue should be taboo. Greasy face-off system is mainly caused by the release agent is not necessarily bad greasy things, in fact, somewhat greasy uniform release film coated on the surface, the residual adhesion rate better. However, some purely adhesion is not good, silicone oil easily. These can be determined by testing.
3M adhesive tape Such sealants typically heated (150 ~ 200 ℃) case by a certain model mouth directly extruded into the seam. Thermal construction sealant can be improved wettability is adhered to the base material, so most of them were glued base material having good adhesion.
It is reported in today's tape market, although the market is relatively strong 3M adhesive tape of the brand, but they are conducting industrialization even when commercial use is very inconvenient, especially when performing complex industrial processes its case to cut a somewhat cumbersome.
Thus processed through 3M adhesive after they exhibit an extremely lightweight of the state, they are cut to size to give the situation is just the ease of use, its original relaxed state of development to facilitate post-processing, making the whole work seems more and more efficient, therefore, with the current market situation, 3M adhesive tape processing will lead the development of the market, out of a new efficient road! 3M double sided tape, ordinary double-sided adhesive die-cutting factory in Dongguan Zhangmutou Moon Package material Co., Ltd., specializing in cutting and processing.

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