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Why sealing tape bubbles exist?

Why sealing tape bubbles exist?
We see daily fight package sealing tape, we usually also called sealing tape, transparent tape transparent tape. Many customers at the time of purchase will appear sealing plastic sealing tape doubt the existence of these bubbles. Now China tape Xiaobian for you to answer the following questions.
Many in the market or supermarket to buy sealing tape bubble is relatively small due to a length of 100 yards or less so as to place the longer the bubble will slowly disappear from the outside will be able to see the transparent part inside the paper tube. The larger the tape storage time will be longer changed completely transparent to see the bubble.
 Why sealing tape bubbles exist
Of course, there is a tape produced by imports of machinery, from production will be discharged from the air after rewinding, produced tape is completely transparent but the cost will increase a lot. However, the domestic are generally used in packaging tape sealing requirements need not be so, because the tape in the bubble will not affect the quality of the tape, such as viscosity and other related tension bubble irrelevant, so manufacturers do not have to mind the various problems that can be safely used, factory has just produced sealing plastic bubble are all there, the place some time after the bubble will automatically disappear, place the longer, the higher the transparency of the tape.

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