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Features and Application of HDPE thin film

Features and Application of HDPE thin film
Thin film, usually refers to a thickness of about 15um plastic film, which is included with the development of high molecular weight resin film and developed new products. HDPE thin film to the advantage of inexpensive, is replacing the paper market and LDPE film production accounts for more than 90% HDPE film, HDPE thin film development are in the golden age.
Features and Application of HDPE thin film
First, the characteristics of HDPE thin film
Compared with other films, HDPE thin film has many advantages, mainly in the following aspects:
1) the height of the papery, 4-5 times crisp and the opening of a hardness of LDPE film.
2) high strength and high toughness at the same intensity, the thickness of only 1/3 ~ 1/2 LDPE film.
3) good barrier properties, moisture, scent diffusion.
4) good heat resistance.
5) good printability, processability and heat sealability.
HDPE film meager deficiencies that transparency is small, such as oxygen gas barrier property is poor.
Second, the application of thin films of HDPE
HDPE film grade resin is mainly used to produce all kinds of vest bags, lined bags, garbage bags, can also be used to produce plastic film. The thickness of the bag film is generally 15 ~ 30um, the thickness of the thin film is about 6um.
In addition, HDPE film is non-toxic, odorless, can also be used for food, clothing, knitwear package, available as boxed snacks, candy, lining materials and wet and dry food, raw and cooked fish, pickles, fruits, snack products, pharmaceuticals, etc. packaging materials, affordable, low price.HDPE微薄薄膜的特点及应用

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