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High-performance polyimide film

High-performance polyimide film
High performance polyimide film over a wide temperature range of -269 ~ 400 ℃ having stable and excellent physical, chemical, electrical and mechanical properties, other plastic films such as nylon film, polyester film, polypropylene film, and polyethylene film can not match, and in many of today's high-tech industry, especially microelectronics, electrical insulation, aerospace and other fields play an important role. High-performance polyimide film with carbon and aramid fibers together, is considered to be restricting the development of China's high-tech industry in the three key bottleneck polymer material, not only has great commercial value, but also has far-reaching social significance and importance strategic significance.
The polyimide film is a critical electrical power insulation material, widely used in transmission and distribution equipment, manufacturing of wind power equipment, inverter motor, traction motor and high-speed high-voltage transformers and the like. For example, China is currently being developed> 300km / h high-speed rail system must use high-temperature polyimide film as a main insulating material; wind power equipment rectifier, inverter and transformer and so need to use polyimide insulating film ; in addition, the corona-resistant polyimide film has been a key energy-saving insulation material inverter motor.
 High-performance polyimide film development process of our country
Since the 1990s, high-performance polyimide film material has become critical microelectronics manufacturing and packaging materials, widely used in VLSI manufacturing aspects of the TAB tape, flexible packaging substrate, a flexible connection with lines . For example, a polyimide film substrate, flexible packaging is replacing traditional metal and copper leadframe become directly attached IC chip laptops, cell phones, cameras, video cameras and other small electronic products meager mainstream packaging technology; polyimide film carrier TAB with microelectronic products become RolltoRoll roll to roll production line technical support.
China started the industrialization of the polyimide film is not late, back in the 1970s on the former Ministry of Machine-organization carried out research polyimide film manufacturing technology. However, due to various reasons, the manufacturing technology of high-performance polyimide film has been hovering at a low level state. The late 1990s, along with the ultra-large scale integrated circuit manufacturing and packaging industries and special industries, such as electrical power, high-speed development, the lack of high-performance polyimide film material to become a serious constraint high-tech industry development bottleneck.
Faced with scientific and technical challenges of the polyimide film need to be resolved, Institute of Chemistry since 2003 with the support of the National Development and Reform Commission, "national high-tech industrialization projects," and in cooperation with the film Shenzhen Rui Huatai Technology Co., Ltd. He began working on the film manufacturing technology, high-performance polyimide. Through the efforts of the past eight years, capturing the resin prepared from the key to a continuous two-way stretch polyimide film production stabilization process and other key technology to master the high-performance polyimide film manufacturing technology with our own intellectual property rights.
On this basis, built in 2010, China's largest production base for high-performance polyimide film, the first phase of investment projects totaling 11.8 billion yuan, completed three 1200mm width of two-way stretch technology, high-performance poly polyimide film continuous production line of construction, at full capacity the annual production capacity of 350t. The production base is put into operation, breaking the foreign manufacturers in the field of polyimide film materials monopoly, to speed up the localization process of China's aerospace, solar and other high-end applications of materials, reduce costs for the electronics, electrical and other applications market, increase competition force with a huge role, marking China's manufacturing technology in high-performance polyimide film material among the ranks of the international advanced level.
On this basis, the demand for the development of national high-tech industry, the Institute of Chemistry launched a series of high-performance polyimide film and functional studies, flexible organic thin film solar cell and a new generation of flexible LCD and OLED displays high transparent polyimide film, micro / optoelectronic package with low thermal expansion of the polyimide film, energy-saving motors with variable frequency corona-resistant polyimide film and polyimide film or the like space laboratory preparation techniques We have made important progress.

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