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A Brief History of the adhesive tape

A Brief History of the adhesive tape
1600 BC, the ancient Egyptians beans, barley, cream, glue the viscous substance applied to the linen, sticking to the wound, can be considered now plaster original state. Ancient Greece, some people mix the olive oil and red lead, made a rod is called Dayak Kieren heating plaster applied to the substrate thickness can be used immediately. Later, in order to increase in its viscosity, and added turpentine, beeswax and the like. These are the initial pressure-sensitive adhesive type, adhesive tape that way.
In 1870, the United States Johnson Brothers (Johnson & Johnson) as the rubber in turpentine, vegetable fillers, etc., began to have made a pressure-sensitive adhesive properties at room temperature Green rubber eraser. This is the modern adhesive tape start. Thereafter, the German chemist Bayer Bernstorff (Beiersdorf) in 18S2年, plaster in order to reduce skin irritation and to prevent inflammation, zinc oxide and resin acids are added to the cement plaster, made the earliest zinc oxide plaster.
Twenties invented commonly known as black tape electrical insulation tape. Thirties USA 3M Company to Rui Wu (Mr.Drew) has invented a cellophane adhesive tape. Then reappeared paint masking tape and the like.
A Brief History of the adhesive tape
Into the twentieth century, especially after World War II, the new polymer materials continue, the world has entered the era of polymer chemistry. Synthetic rubber, synthetic resin and other development work has become popular in the United States. Plaster and industrial products such as adhesive tape and finally adopted these new materials, improved product quality. The emergence of new materials, it can be said is a challenge plaster does not irritate the skin, anti-aging properties of excellent quality scene issues. Therefore, the presence of zinc oxide adhesive plaster skin irritation big problem, start finding out a lot of new material.
Such as, esterified rosin, hydrogenated rosin. These two types of rosin resin is due to appear rosin rosin acid skeleton, rosin, and rubber in order to enhance compatibility, will become esterified rosin ester of rosin; in order to improve its resistance to aging, it is an unsaturated double bond hydrogenated, hydrogenated rosin becomes. This improves the quality of the adhesive tape, adhesive tape industry has been making the leap development.
On the other hand, the pressure-sensitive adhesive with a elastomers are developed several anti-aging properties of polyisobutylene. But it also has the disadvantage of the cold flow, and to this end has been a lot of "modification" research work. For example, adding a vulcanizing oil, white oil in the polyisobutylene. In addition, there are polyvinyl Hay isobutyl ether, it is an excellent pressure-sensitive materials, as pressure-sensitive adhesive resin-based elastomer applications. In addition, a pressure-sensitive adhesive single component "• acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive softener - eleven polybutene these pressure-sensitive adhesive polymer materials to improve the quality, reduce the plaster to the skin stimulation, have played a role.
Application of new materials in the pressure-sensitive adhesive, while reducing the incidence of atopic dermatitis, but can not completely prevent dermatitis due to the stimulation caused. Since I860年 3M Company Kou Dayton (Dr. Golden) invented the non-woven fabric breathable plaster made after further reduce the plaster skin irritation, while surgery for cecal obtain success. Therefore, ventilation and air permeability of plaster adhesive tape has also been developing rapidly.胶粘带的简史

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