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Do not let toxic glue stick to the development of industry i

Do not let toxic glue stick to the development of industry in the future
As the saying goes, the disease from the first step onwards. In a recent report in the footwear market supervision, many well-known brand name products because it contains harmful chemicals and boarded the "black list", "drug shoes" topic once again into public view, but also by more and more attention. Shoes as people's daily life and work in essential supplies, in addition to bringing beautiful visual experience outside, also play a role in the protection of the feet, but now due to the illegal operation of unscrupulous companies became personal "Poison" in initiators consumer groups worried about, but also the healthy development of the industry can not help but feel hopeless.
"Poisonous shoes" "poison" come from? Most of the shoe in order to save cost and purchase substandard production materials caused by rubber shoes as the manufacturing process is important accessories, large usage and purchase costs, so some enterprises moving from the "crooked brains" poor choice of quality rubber shoes into production. One can imagine, carrying a variety of toxic substances in the shoes into the market, directly affect the wearer's health.
 Do not let toxic glue stick to the development of industry in the future
In addition, the use of toxic glue not only harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also for long-term exposure of shoe workers pose a huge threat to life. Before a lot of media exposure "glue poisoning" incident, there are many workers in the use of shoe contains "1,2-dichloroethane" harmful substances such as glue and shock admission, are vomiting, convulsions, loss of memory, eyes dull , life can not take care of themselves and other symptoms, toxic glue enough to appear unfriendly.
"At present, the glue on the market for the most expensive 300 yuan to 400 yuan and 15 kilos, followed by a 200 yuan and 100 yuan glue, but the most used is the yellow plastic 80 yuan to 90 yuan between, there is the glue regular factory produced, but there are 'three no' in nature, each plant waste will be recycled plastic bucket, then was sold to black workshop, installed after the poor quality glue, and sold the factory. "a reluctant named shoe factory boss said. Facing such a bad event, in addition to relying on the state authorities to crack down on the outside, the shoe should also be a high degree of corporate social responsibility to make a change, to protect the interests of product shoe workers and consumer groups using an environmentally safe, to make enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

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