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BOPP film market trend analysis

BOPP film market trend analysis
A market trend
This week, according to analysts monitoring, domestic BOPP film manufacturers raised prices as a whole, rose to 0.13%. In 15u film, for example, the weekly average price of 13854.55 yuan / ton, the average price for the weekend 13872.73 yuan / ton.
Market analysis
International crude oil prices rebound slightly, petrochemical raw materials prices mainly short-term high steady, offer passive film plant with inflation, the high price of such orders is relatively light, the downstream market demand, traders no intention of replenishment, the short film city the main shock is still high, demand is difficult to improve.
Third, the market outlook forecast
For now, no short-term cost side down in fear, continue behind BOPP film. Demand is expected to post price suppression film is expected to continue steady upward slightly, turnover is difficult to heavy volume.

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