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Tape sealing machine is actually simple

Tape sealing machine is actually simple
Tape sealing machine definition refers to using carton sealing tape that is affixed seal, sealing machine production process has always been necessary to run a job, than ordinary tape sealing machine sealing machine fast and easy to adjust, can be a complete upper lower sealing action, you can also use marking tape, but also enhance product image, is the preferred automated packaging enterprises.
    Tape sealing machine sealing machine sealing process and almost ordinary, after packing the product by the conveyor (belt, roller) into sealing machine, and submit it to the input box body by sandwiching the belt clip box cartons on both sides, forward movement. Before short tongue by tongue depressor holder automatic bending, after a short tongue of the carton into the sealing machine roller when there is a detection signal (optical signal) notify playing tongue cylinder moves by playing the tongue frame to bend, while a signal notification melt automatic spray glue. Carton continued forward movement, the right and left tongues through to the middle of the guide bar automatic bending, while the press box body belts, synchronous pressed cardboard around blabbermouth, the tank, tongue, glued together to complete the plastic sealing action, namely packaging the last step --- automatic sealing.
    Top tape sealing machines have been sealed cartons must be introduced into the machine go; tape head and the side of the box automatically according to the diameter of the roll tape, seal the top and bottom are synchronized together. Tape sealing machine is the largest package ideal for high and 50cm wide carton Machine 60mm in width and 75mm inner diameter of the PP tape. It is suitable for heavy products.
    More and more manufacturers to choose this sealing machine without it lightweight, durable, easy to operate advantages, but also for higher cartons.

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