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Analysis of the current situation and development trend of i

Analysis of the current situation and development trend of industrial tape
TESA double-sided adhesive is Germany TESA (Desha) tape Honor products, widely used in computers, mobile phones, telecommunications, household appliances, audio-visual equipment, cars and other products. Germany TESA tape tape is one of the largest manufacturers in the world, Tesa Tape tape products manufactured by the company for 120 years, with its excellent quality Awards.
(A) the scale of production capacity
China is the world tape production and consumption country, gum annual consumption of about 6.0 million tons. tesa tape conveyor belt production capacity is estimated that more than 120 million square meters of floor. Ordinary V-belt transmission belt as the representative of the production capacity of about 800 million A meters, in 2001 annual output of about 500 million A meters, automobile V belt production capacity of over 50 million, production is estimated at around 10 million last year. Others such as timing belts, ribbed belt, nylon-based flat belt, agricultural belt of have formed scale production capacity. Two types of tape were exported in 2000 according to industry association statistics, the belt layer export 1.95 million square meters, V belt export 30.37 million A meters. Overall, our tape production is more than self-sufficient excess capacity, but the quality gap. Some large factories, large container terminals, high-end cars and agricultural machinery imports still part belt.
(II) Industry Structure
Tape industry structure since the reform and opening up has made great progress. A certain size level, tesa tape systems different tapes companies in 200 or more. Over the past more than a dozen large and medium state-owned enterprises by the main football era has been a situation difficult to go back to the. A large number of foreign companies such as Phoenix (Phoenix), was Pulu Si (Depreux) Fortunately, Green (Siegling), Fenner (Fen-ner), Gates - Nitta (Gates-Netta), etc. have been entering the country, and its abundant capital, advanced technology and management experience to continue to enter. The sudden emergence of the township, private, individual partnership, joint venture everywhere, high and low level of technology, but its high vitality enviable entrepreneurial spirit of struggle. After the WTO accession, China's tape industry will also experience a new development, reorganization and transformation period, combination, merger, restructuring and bankruptcy is inevitable.
(Iv) with raw materials
tesa tape of major raw materials divided into two parts skeletons and elastomers. The mainstream of the skeleton with the fibrous material is polyester (E), followed by the rope (ST) nylon (N.P) Glass (G) Kevlar (A.D). Kevlar is a rising star, is very promising, especially in the proportion of use of the belt are increasing. Our conveyor belt has been declining cotton canvas. Wuxi Taiji Co., represented by a group of synthetic fiber reinforcing materials production enterprises world-class forward line. For conveyor belt production EP (polyester and nylon), EE (polyester), NN (nylon) three categories plain fabric with Oxford, by the strength of 80 ~ 630N · mm-1, sub-10 level series is complete, meet different intensities layered conveyor needs. Overall fabric with a core of a lot of manufacturers, but the strength still remain in the 580 ~ 1400N · mm-1 level. Incomplete specifications series, the Galaxy have only a maximum P up with strong 3150N · mm-1. Jiangyin steel cord plant open conveyor belt wire rope, variety and quality to meet the needs. The diameter of the fabric is still a blank to be developed. Aramid conveyor belts used in China is still in the research stage.
Belts with polyester cord skeleton, China has formed a series, stable quality can be a lot of supply. Although the long glass fiber cord domestic production, but the quality level of the poor, in the belt is difficult to replace imports, the development of the belt influential. Kevlar cord have begun to use in the belt, but you need to rely on imports. Wide cloth belt with elastic nylon cloth domestic manufacturers have been developing. Overall, the band with the foundation and development of the skeleton material is good. 

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