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Ningbo foreign trade enterprises competing to push without l

Ningbo foreign trade enterprises competing to push without leaving traces tape creative products
Rising costs, shrinking orders and European markets, small and medium micro enterprises to expand foreign trade market? Yesterday morning, the 2011 foreign factories exhibition Autumn Fair in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, more than 600 small and medium micro foreign factories to participate. The exhibition held in time for November 17 to 19. Reporters visited a number of companies found that many small businesses are no longer only OEM foreign trade, have launched with independent innovative products to win market.
    Without leaving traces tape
    While factory orders every day, but to do the busy, but Yiwu Stationery Co., Ltd., general manager Xu Denghuai stickers days or every year for taking the time to participate in foreign trade in Ningbo plant exhibition, early yesterday, he waited at the booth. "Always hard at every day to do OEM manual costs make little sense, I just do foreign trade when the dollar 8.2 yuan, now about 6.5 yuan exchange, getting lower and lower corporate profits. If there is no innovation, enterprise development difficult . "Xu Denghuai said that this year he brought quite a few new products of independent research and development.
    On Xu Denghuai booth, the reporter saw a variety of eye-catching colorful tape is placed in position, this tape is mainly used for gift packaging and interior decoration. "This tape is not just looking good, there are a variety of patterns and patterns, as well as one of the biggest features, no matter how long stick, peel off will not leave glue marks, do not believe you can try." Xu Denghuai told reporters, "This is the company spent six months developed, the tape than the average price of 1 to 2 times higher. "
    Xu Denghuai also briefed reporters on a hamburger-shaped cards. "The products are a lot of Japanese, South Korean businessmen like." Xu Denghuai said, now the foreign trade situation is not optimistic, small business is not easy to transition from a single product to start looking for a breakthrough, add a little creativity, the enterprise is a secure and effective transformation of the way.
    Watch pops circle
    To attend the trade show, many factories are foreign companies, which saw in the advantages of the port of Ningbo and developed foreign trade industry.
    From Shenzhen Peng Wen tree is a manufacturer of silicone business owner, he is the first time this year to attend the trade show facility. Van Thu Peng told reporters that his employees less than 100 people, the annual output value of several million dollars, have done before silicone small accessories brands, three years ago, he was not willing to earn manual fee launched with independent creative The product. This time he brought in Ningbo, a silicone ring pops watch, watch this rich color, design a variety of cartoon images, angry birds and other popular elements of which also use this watch can and ring pops, like when toys to play with, it is very easy to wear.
    "We launched the silicone ring pops watch has waterproof than ordinary table toys last longer, but also take the best packaging material, which is our future to expand the market leading products." Yesterday, Peng Wen tree stand silicone ring pops watch loved by many exhibitors, many people bought the sample requirements, which he declined to carry out just over one hour, he received nearly 10 buyers leave a business card, Ningbo local, as well as Harbin, Guangzhou.

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