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Sealing tape production methods and the use of attention

Sealing tape production methods and the use of attention
Sealing tape production methods: After corona is based on the original BOPP film on the rear side so that the surface roughness after applying glue after slitting into small volumes is our daily use of the tape. Tape glue is acrylate glue, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main component of tincture fat. Tincture activity substance is a polymer resin, the temperature level has a certain influence on the molecular activity. Glue tincture fat content directly affect the tape usage. Tack sealing tape at normal numbers ≥13 (Ball No.) between the thickness of the adhesive tape is typically 22 microns. It is in line with standard thickness.
For colored marking tape is to facilitate and shelter purposes, the general beige and khaki more. Colored tape was thought that it was the color of the film, in fact, is the color of glue. Will stick clenched and then quickly opened, you can pull off the side of the gum, you can see the purity and transparency of the original film.
Many people in the tear tape, they both like to go easy with the mouth biting it, this is not just unhealthy behavior, and is a very bad behavior to follow suit, although the general BOPP material sealing tape is nontoxic smelly harmless, but long-term this diet but it will harm you, you look even Chinese milk powder not by safety standards, not to mention also inedible sealing tape it?
Sealing tape to stick with people, some kids like to get sticky sealing tape to play, parents also thought that looked fun, in fact, the viscosity of industrial sealing tape is very strong, more than the general 40u can even tape 10kg lift things, if you stick to the meat, plus children's nonsense, it is easy to hurt the skin, so do not underestimate the sealing tape playing in the hands of children.

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