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How to tape after tape printed tape glue residue under tear

How to tape after tape printed tape glue residue under tear easily removed?
Tape printed with nail polish or nail polish can be removed?
Life will be used a lot of tape, a long time after leaving the stubborn tear tape printed. No matter how long the tape printed, how much area, dropping some of the girls wash with nail polish, soak for a while, then let's use paper towel to ensure that the product surface clean as new. But there is a problem, because the nail has a strong corrosive, can not be used for fear etched surface of the article, for example, paint furniture, laptop shell. Therefore, nail polish removing tape marks although one hundred test Braun, but must pay attention to protect the items left traces from corrosion.
Scope: Offset exist over time, area, difficult to clean, and is not susceptible to corrosion of the surface of the article.
Offset heating hair dryer hair dryer to maximum heat, traces of blows against the tape for a moment, let it slowly soften, and then a little hard eraser or a soft cloth to wipe.
Scope: Suitable for small traces of adhesive tape, and the presence of relatively long time offset printing items, but the items must have sufficient heat resistance.
Medical alcohol soaked offset some of the drop in surface traces of medical alcohol, soak for a while, then wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel to. Of course, leaving traces of adhesive tape items must be afraid of alcohol can corrode. Similarly, if you have not expired perfume or convergence properties of the lotion can also be used in place of alcohol, because there have some alcohol content (Reference: expired or inapplicable Skincare Makeup what use), and these two can be applied to anything, after all, there's not too much alcohol.
Scope: easily corroded surface of the article.
Eraser erase offset a child at school often use this method, wipe with eraser, eraser crumbs can just stick to the glue traces down
Scope: For a small area and the new traces, traces of a large area of ​​the tape is a vain.
Computer cleaning agents used to wipe erase offset ordinary camera lens cleaner and a computer screen can also be used to erase the traces of tape.
Scope: is effective for printing smooth tape surface of an article.
Scope: difficult to remove offset a large area, but if you usually do not often encounter this kind of problem tape marks, there is no need to specifically buy a bottle, with a small coup on it.

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