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Use plastic film bag food?

Use plastic film bag food?
With the development of the plastics industry, with plastic film packaging food more and more. But with plastic film bag of food there is poison? Is security after eating? Has become an issue of concern.
In the family in plastic film, including polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, polyvinylidene chloride six categories of about 300 kinds. Plastic film during the manufacturing process to add plasticizers people. Stabilizers, lubricants, colorants, of which some varieties of plastic film, such as polyvinyl chloride, the addition of lead and other toxic substances in the production process. With this plastic film food packaging film of lead and other toxic substances will contaminate food, direct long-packaged food, pollution is more serious. If you often eat contaminated food, toxins accumulate to a certain number of people will occur symptoms of poisoning, affecting their health, and even induce cancer.
 Use plastic film bag food?
Some varieties of plastic film, such as higher polyethylene, polypropylene film, chemical stability, low biological activity by many subacute and chronic toxicity, teratogenic and carcinogenic real face, were not found to be clear of toxic effects, relatively safe to use, it can be used for packaging food. But such films dragon light resistance, easy to aging and brittle; loaded hot food bags can crack; when you replace fat foods longer ask, the food will take the oil, such as packaged pastries, water loss will harden, packaging milk white and other external hard lumps, packaged spices food, taste loss will be scattered incense. Thus, food packaging with plastic film to use double as well.
Some non-toxic plastic film, marked above the word "food" can be packaged food. Some toxic, and must not be used to package food, it must be very selective when in use. Both films of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride can easily be distinguished. For example, polyethylene plastic film feels like there is a kind of sense to fight a layer of wax lubrication, and PVC film feels seemed sticky. With fire, the polyethylene sticking to the fire, the flame is yellow, and there were drops of melted down, PVC is extremely difficult to spot the fire tender, green flame, leave the fire source Jimie, an unpleasant odor .

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