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Repair fountain pen with glue

Repair fountain pen with glue
There are three places fountain pen repair glue required:
1, new for pen gall, the mouthpiece of the need to use glue stick, in order to avoid leakage;
2, 51 type fountain pen set (also known as "parrot head) was originally sealed with glue, then screwed up when screwed down, starting a glue seal to avoid leakage.
3, cracking pen, glue required repair.
 Repair fountain pen with glue
Sticky glue pen with bile, is divided into two sticky rubber sticky plastic pen pen and gall bladder used. Sticky rubber bladder pen, lac water, two kinds of glue and rubber. Shellac shellac glue with 25%, 75% alcohol, can be placed in the yard together, and then with the child on a pot of water, and heated to and maintained at 70 ° C, stirring constantly, for about ten minutes it would be . When using as to if thick, you may feel some dilute alcohol. Glues rubber patch that can be bought with a bicycle inner tube. Sticky plastic pen gall available ethyl benzene chloride or aniline, are liquid, the chemical store to sell. Modeled before using the best methods with shellac glue plus about temperature, the temperature is 60 degrees Celsius, while the release of some broken plastic sheaths increase the viscosity of the melted glue. When using the coating weight is not too large, so as not to melt the plastic pen gall deformation; glued to wait twelve hours later inhalation in the water. Ethyl chloride and aniline stupid toxic, after work, should wash hands thoroughly.
Closed-type white glue 51 runoff tip to apply, one is an epoxy resin, chemical store sale. Another is a rosin, wax mixture, that is 25% rosin and 75% of ash are mixed together, heated to melt, can be used. After the mixture was cooled solid, melting heating required to use.
Stick fill with pen glue stick rescheduling celluloid pen available A drunk or acetone (chemical store sold), should be cut before using some broken table tennis on the inside, so that a viscous liquid. General Advanced fountain pen pen with "shoot to root snow" made of plastic, not easy to crumble; in case of crack faded, sticky plastic pen available with bile chlorinated benzene or aniline acetate adhesive.

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