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Eleven properties Masking tape

Eleven properties Masking tape
Eleven properties Masking tape
1, a special composition curable adhesive. Provides excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, without leaving any traces of adhesive.
2, the tape can be easily bent. Rounded edges to protect the situation will not be broken into curves.
3, the holding force. Masking tape itself, even under the weight of sticky still provide adequate retention.
4, easy to tear. Easy to operate without scissors or a blade can still be used even with.
5, obedient. Masking tape can fit perfectly in high curvature surface to a height sufficient without retroactive.
  Eleven properties Masking tape
6, moderate unwinding force. Not too heavy nor too light unwinding force is easy to operate.
7 smoothness. Masking tape, smooth base, will not cause the user's skin Min sense.
8, easy to break into pieces the tape will not be automatically divided into multiple pieces of debris.
9, students instantly on contact with adhesive tape that is sticky.
10, solvent resistance crepe paper substrate can be solvent penetration.
11, the basic color will not fall off.

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