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New dyes and additives for synthetic fibers

New dyes and additives for synthetic fibers
According to reports, the world's synthetic fiber production to maintain sustained growth, particularly since 1992, has become the main material of synthetic fiber textiles and clothing. Trends fiber production, in particular polyester, means that the dye manufacturers to develop more disperse dyes for dyeing polyester fibers; cellulosic fibers in the field, to develop the cotton and other cellulosic fibers dyed with reactive dye.
Dye Lumacron MFB
M. Dohmen GmbH (Tamon company) introduced a new generation of disperse dyes Lumacron MFB, people can meet high fastness to polyester fine fibers. Lumacron MFB dye chromatography is complete, there Lumacron yellow MFB, MFB Lumacron orange, red Lumacron MFB, Lumacron red MFB, MFB Lumacron ruby ​​red, sky blue MFB Lumacron, Lumacron blue MFB, Lumacron Lumacron black and navy blue MFB MFB. These dyes have excellent color with lift, excellent wet fastness properties and compatibility. This performance feature ensures its extensive application, using the recommended dyeing process, dyeable islands, composite and polyester, copolyester fibers. Dyeing operation: the dye bath temperature was raised to 40 ℃, the dye bath containing 1 ~ 2g / L Dispertan MF and 2g / L Doregal WMB, with acetic acid to adjust the pH to 4.5 to 3 ℃ / min heating at 55 ℃ constant temperature was added Lumacron MFB disperse and cycle them. Then 3 ℃ / min dyebath is heated to 130 ℃, dyeing 45 ~ 60min. Dye bath solution was cooled to 60 ℃ in the back, reduction cleaning at 80 ℃ 20min, was added 1g / L Dispertan MFB, 5mL / L NaOH (38 ° Bé) and 3g / L of sodium hydrosulfite, then cooled to 70 ℃ discharge, with 1mL / L acetate, washed with water until neutral.
When the light-colored varieties require high light fastness when Tamon companies recommend adding Dorospers K dye. In order to avoid the phenomenon of double-sided Harmonia, use of fibers can be dyed with excellent hiding differences of the three primary colors, which is: Lumacron Lumacron yellow or orange MFB MFB, Lumacron Ruby Red MFB MFB and Lumacron blue or navy blue Lumacron MFB. Lumacron MFB disperse dyes having good heat-migration performance.
Dye Dorasyn XL
Tamon company also developed a dyed polyamide fiber Dorasyn XL dye. These dyes are metal-free (except outside Acqua), eco-friendly. Excellent wet fastness properties Dorasyn XL dyes, acid dyes modified it belongs. An important factor in its success is attributed to its dyeing obtained dyeing outperforms various other dyes. Commonly used multi-SEVEN Dorasyn XL dye leveling agent is not recommended, because this type of leveler which will greatly reduce the dye bath dyeing, color fastness and cause performance degradation. In order to ensure good performance and high dyeing reproducibility, Tamon recommends using Doregal XL as a leveling agent. When dyed polyamide fabric if there are significant pieces of flowers, recommend adding 2.5% ~ 5.0% Doregal BRC. Dyeing operation: start 40 ℃, followed by adding 1.5g / L Domapal VS, 2% ~ 3% Doregal XL, then added Dorasyn XL dye. Dyebath 1.5 ℃ / min temperature was raised to 98 ℃, dyeing 60min. When denier dyed polyamide filament is dyed at 98 ℃ 40min, continue to heat up to 110 ℃ stained 20 min. Subsequently, the dyebath was cooled to 75 ℃, processing 15min, washed with water, then aqueous ammonia (pH of 8.5) and, 40 ℃ treatment 10min, the final pH value of about 4. If necessary, use a non-volatile acid Domapal B conc., Dye on the dye bath for better performance and fixing rate. When dyeing dark, initial pH values ​​Domapal B conc. Was adjusted to 3.5, the final pH value may be adjusted to 3.5.
For required to have a very high resistance to alkali perspiration color fastness and a very strict water and chlorine wash fastness of polyamide fibers, after Tamon recommended for processing. Use 3% ~ 4% Dorafix ACL, pH value of 4.5 (adjusted with acetic acid), treatment temperature 75 ℃, time 10 ~ 20min.
Additives TX 1567
White synthetic fabric yellowing problem exists in the storage or transport, its yellowing often appears in the area of ​​clothing or fabric in contact with the packaging material. Packaging materials may contain a colorless additive BHT (butylated hydroxy methyl ie, an antioxidant), it will be transferred to textiles, and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas to form a yellow nitro dyes. During transport and storage, high humidity and temperatures add to this problem. BASF has introduced new additives TX 1567, a phenolic yellowing solve this problem. It prevents nitrogen oxide and BHT molecules, even in hot and humid tropical climate conditions are also effective. This is especially important for those high content of nitrogen oxides or high traffic density in developing countries. Aids TX 1567 can be used for all white or light-colored textiles, can be used with fluorescent brighteners or dyes, or treated separately for dipping or pad - dry - thermoset processes.
Aid Cibafix CL201
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. launched Cibafix CL201, which is purified from natural products product, completely biodegradable. The additive can improve the chlorine-resistant polyamide fiber and elastic fiber blended fabric color fastness and resistance to ozone and wet fastness properties, especially for swimwear, it has a relatively high uptake rate, excellent build-up property and process uniformity sex. Cibafix CL201 with acid dyes, metal complex dyes and reactive dyes together, for all dyeing and printing processes. pH range of process requirements of its wide, pH = 3 ~ 6, greatly improving the chlorine resistance, can produce high-quality durable swimsuit, to meet consumer requirements, and the use of cleaning agents to remove stains. Cibafix CL201 will not change the feel of clothing, it will not affect the light fastness.

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