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Introduce three new functional fiber fabrics

Introduce three new functional fiber fabrics
"MORPHOTEX" light color fabrics
"MORPHOTEX" light color fabric layer 631 is made of nylon, polyester layer 30 laminated staggered. Use of light refraction color, laminated and control section within the nanometer range, in order to render the colorful color. 16μm thickness of the past can only be done through development and use of a high refractive index difference between the new polymer, succeeded in reducing the thickness can be made has a thickness of about 2μm ~ 5μm products. In addition, the technology also by improving the ability to control the wavelength and increase the vividness of the product.
"Cool bamboo FILLUNA" fabric
"Cool bamboo FILLUNA" is used bamboo as raw material, the use of viscose rayon filament manufacturing process of producing composite material, a mixture of more than 20% bamboo fiber and polyester and nylon and other synthetic made. Which is characterized by dry and comfortable, with moderate and drape crisp, elegant and shiny, and has excellent anti-bacterial deodorant properties. In the high-tech processing technology, the performance can be stably play, washed 20 times after the bactericidal activity value is still above 2.2 (SEK standard). The fabric is mainly used for women, such as jackets, women's clothes, sweaters, sportswear.
"SALATCOMPO" freshening fabrics
"SALATCOMPO" is the use of nanotechnology to develop a new type of textile fabrics in relaxation, with a significant improvement in discomfort caused by perspiration when wearing characteristics. The fabric is formed by using a thin film of nano-technology processing technology, the contact surface of the skin to form a fine point absorbent to prevent sweat quickly spread and take it to the fabric surface, keeping the fabric dry. Thereby greatly improving the discomfort caused by sweat, cool feeling to achieve a quick-drying. Since the film exists only in the inner layer of fabric, so no impact on the fabric color and feel, but with spring and summer clothing items required sunscreen! Anti-infiltration and other functions and use. Fabric washed 20 times in the absorbent, quick-drying function and not washed basically the same. It is mainly used for polyester fibers, it can also be applied to other types of fiber.

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