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Polyester Fabric for easy decontamination

Polyester Fabric for easy decontamination
Polyester fabric has good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, but because of one of the polyester fibers belonging to water, very strong affinity for greasy, easily absorbed oil, and the wear process is easy to produce static electricity to attract dust, difficult to wash. The Qi Rong Textile Co., Ltd. Weifang Development polyester fabric easy decontamination improve the quality and added value of cotton fabric.
Cotton fabric soil release finish mainly from improved hydrophilic properties of polyester fibers and oil-repellent properties increase fiber in the air in two ways. Selection of the fluorine-containing soil release finishing agent such as Ciba essence OLEOPHOBOL ZSR and Japan Meisei Chemical Co., Ltd. SRM-65, which can improve the surface finish properties of the fabric, the fabric reduces the surface tension in the air, while washing, sorting agent hydrophilic segments will be aligned on the surface of the fabric, the fabric hydrophilic to produce decontamination and to prevent further contamination.

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