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Bamboo fiber towels cleaning and maintenance methods

Bamboo fiber towels cleaning and maintenance methods
 1, Tencel fabric, bamboo fiber fabric, washable, dry cleaning, washing at room temperature, not hot soaking, drying time can not be machine washable, after washing to dry, not exposure, low iron should be ventilated and dark place.
    2, generally no more than half an hour soaking, cleaning water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.
    3, clean, light-colored product to product and dark washed separately to avoid staining.
    4, silk fabric, cotton fabric, soybean fiber fabric: wash water at room temperature can not use detergents containing enzymes can hand wash and dry, not drying when washed, can not wring dry, not exposure to sunlight, cold ironing , recommended Silky detergent, add a little vinegar can increase the wash fabric sheen.
    5, containing wool, cashmere fiber fabrics: washing at room temperature, the temperature ironing, dry cleaning is recommended such fabrics, when washed with water to minimize the use of enzyme-containing detergent long soak, recommended Silky detergent.
    6, corduroy, can dry cleaning, washing: washing at room temperature, the temperature ironing, ironing the back of the fabric when ironing, dry ironing at best available clothes brush comb hair when dried positive, long hair holding hand.
    7, synthetic fabrics washed at room temperature, can not use hot water immersion, machine washable, you can wash, velvet fabric can not be ironed velvet surface.
    8, when the cotton fabric cleaning, detergent and other detergent should be put (do not use detergent containing bleach component) into the water until completely dissolved, then add the cotton fabric.
    9, as with the dryer, please use low-temperature drying, the temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius to prevent excessive shrinkage. Lace, pendants and other removable decorations must first remove the wash.
    10, linen washing can rub, knead, so as not to fluff, affecting the appearance and longevity.

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