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Lyocell fiber

A, Lyocell fiber
Tencel fiber COUR TAULDS British company's first generation of recycled fiber trade name, scientific name Lyocell fiber, its production process does not pollute the environment, does not destroy the ecological, soft fiber, moisture absorption rate (11%), dry and wet strength similar, good dimensional stability of the fabric is formed. Lyocell fiber material used is wood pulp, the wood is also used in fast-growing timber, ie renewable raw materials is good. When Lyocell fiber manufactured by organic amine oxide (N- methylmorpholine) in an organic solvent to dissolve the lignin, solvent spinning process route is closed, while the organic solvent is an organic amine oxides harmless. When Lyocell fiber and fabric waste, biodegradable process, broken down into carbon dioxide and water. Lyocell fiber divided into two categories, standard Tencel fiber (micro-fibrillating) and Tencel A100 (no fibrillated) fibers, they have a soft, tough, anti-static, better reply folds and comfortable elastic properties.

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