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other new eco fibers

other new eco fibers
1, casein fibers (commonly known as milk fiber): the world's only industrial production of casein protein fiber is Toyobo's "Chinon", but due to the extraction of only 4kg 100kg milk protein, higher manufacturing costs, so far can not a large number of widely used.
2, spider silk: the use of biotechnological production of natural spider silk fibers having excellent performance is one application of international research on biotechnology, spider silk has high strength, but at the same time there are silk-like soft and shiny, with high functionality.
3, banana fibers: banana fiber gloss, with high absorbency and excellent environmental protection.
4, kapok fibers: kapok fiber hollow fiber, very light, not only the shape stability, as well as excellent moisture absorption, put wet performance, but strength is not very good, and banana fibers, are developed by the Japanese company and manufactured produce eco-fiber.
5, paper mulberry fiber: mulberry (Peel tree) is grown in China's northeast and northwest mountain a wild hemp fast-growing plants, which contain a lot of quality bast fibers. Mulberry fiber quality, color white, with natural silk appearance, soft feel of silk and cotton. Its performance is better stability, good corrosion resistance, but not resistant to strong acids.
6, other possible degradation of the synthetic fiber: Some synthetic fiber itself has biodegradability, in the natural environment, may, by the action of microorganisms and explain after abandoned, will not cause long-term or permanent pollution of the environment. Welloman company's Sensura TM fiber, as well as a developed PLLA, PHB, PBS and other fibers are biodegradable polymer fibers.

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