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Shared towel facial spread disease

Shared towel facial spread disease
Towels remind you that nowadays a time when the high incidence of pink eye, should pay attention to eye health, try to avoid scratch the eye, do not rub your eyes, especially when hands are not washed, not many share a towel and handkerchief. If the family was suffering from pink eye, be sure to pay attention to the use of live items, washbasin and towels to be used separately.
   Ocular hyperemia swelling, burning pain, increased secretions ...... when people go to the hospital was told that Mr. Yuen suffering from pink eye. "My friends suffering from pink eye. I did not expect when I went to his house to play with his family towel wiped his face, he turned to catch it on the pink eye."
      "Pink eye is generally not through the eye infection." The doctor said, pink eye is an acute infectious conjunctivitis, caused by a bacterial or viral infection, primarily through direct or indirect contact between people. Pink eye generally does not affect vision. If copious secretions attached to the corneal surface, it may cause temporary blurred vision. Once the discharge wipe, depending on the material can be clear.

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