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Select infant towels soft and comfortable

Select infant towels soft and comfortable
Baby's delicate skin to the baby towels and other toiletries chosen, must be soft and comfortable, not damage the baby's tender skin. Bamboo fiber is the second of cotton, hemp, wool, silk's fifth-largest natural fiber, its moisture absorption, permeability ranking first major textile fibers, natural eco-fiber one kind of breathing, textiles made from it It is called a second skin.
Fiber towel has four features: feels soft and comfortable and flexible, like a baby's skin is very delicate, like; just rub rinse water, without any detergent can also be very clean; no mold does not stink, wet weather will not mildew hair smelly; cool and comfortable with them, can absorb a lot of water in an instant, its water absorption is 1.5 times that of cotton.
Ordinary towels permeability, humidity and poor, bacteria multiply, while the bamboo fiber contains natural bactericidal components, inhibit bacteria, mites breeding action, daily cleansing to provide clean, safe and health protection.

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