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Mistakenly mixed with children towel

Mistakenly mixed with children towel
Before the beginning of children belonging to sebum secretion exuberant adolescence, it is not prone to dandruff, but there are statistics show that children dandruff problem is very common, from a few months to teenagers have similar problems.
Adults can also be treated by means of dandruff shampoo or drugs, and the same approach might be innocent child fragile skin damage.
In fact, lead to the issue of children not their own metabolism dandruff occur, nor is the external environment, the culprit is the dandruff contagious, is likely to be transmitted to the child by an adult.
Children scalp sebum fatty acid content is very low, very thin stratum corneum by scalp fungal infections, fungal scalp cuticle will be in germination and growth. Therefore, parents and children must try to separate towels, pillow covers, combs and other daily necessities, and first solve their own problem of dandruff.

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