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Bamboo fiber towel to use precautions

Bamboo fiber towel to use precautions
1, avoid wring water
When dried bamboo fiber strength is better, while the elastic fibers in the wet water is suppressed, so that strength becomes weaker. In the process of using bamboo fiber towels, individual consumers always continue to use the method to use cotton towels that are too hard to twist the water, wring the towel dry the more the better. For bamboo fiber towel speaking this is not necessary, because the bamboo fiber towels absorbent ability, you can put water on your face sucked clean after moderate twist water. If too hard to twist, it is possible to twist off of bamboo fiber for towels breakage stay hidden. While avoiding intentionally tearing or pulling wet towel. Also bamboo fiber permeability, and water after using the towel hanging included easily evaporate naturally, do not worry too much water because of the emergence towel "fat cover" phenomenon.
2, to avoid sharp objects hanging on
Bamboo fiber towel because of its absorbent, wet water after its own weight significantly increased, there are excellent drape. Therefore, when using the rear suspension, preferably hung on poles, racks force larger items. If it is hung on nails, hooks and other sharp objects, part of the local fiber was hung in the larger gravity variations or easily broken, shortening the life
Identification of bamboo fiber towel bamboo cotton towels
Bamboo fiber also has water wet strength after falling behind its outstanding weaknesses in the use of functional, technically at present there is no good way to solve this problem. Some manufacturers in other textile materials with good strength of bamboo fiber blended to improve the strength of bamboo fiber industry in the towel, bamboo cotton (bamboo fiber and cotton yarn) mixed woven towel method to improve strength. But because there are so incorporated bamboo fiber yarn inherent function better not to play. At present, most economically developed countries in the use of pure bamboo fiber towels one of the domestic market in pure bamboo fiber towels and cotton mixed woven bamboo towel two kinds of choices for consumers, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Although there are a number of towels on the market are labeled "bamboo fiber" content, but not necessarily pure bamboo fiber towels. Mixed woven bamboo cotton towel is made with cotton ground yarn, bamboo fiber do veil woven towel, also known as "bamboo terry towel." Other ingredients pure bamboo fiber towel bottom yarn and veils are made of bamboo fiber woven, excluding cotton and chemical fiber. Mixed woven bamboo cotton towel is not only as good as pure bamboo fiber towels, particularly in functionality, since the towel leaving the mixed composition of the bamboo fiber yarn inherent features greatly reduce the visual, feel, comfort and so on. These functional differences in the use of only the consumer can really feel it.

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