• other new eco fibers Date:2016-03-19 10:38:41 Click:141 Feedback:0

    other new eco fibers 1, casein fibers (commonly known as milk fiber): the worlds only industrial production of casein protein fiber is Toyobos Chinon, but due to the extraction of only 4kg 100kg milk protein, higher manufacturing costs, so...

  • Introduce three new functional fiber fabrics Date:2016-03-19 10:29:06 Click:91 Feedback:0

    Introduce three new functional fiber fabrics MORPHOTEX light color fabrics MORPHOTEX light color fabric layer 631 is made of nylon, polyester layer 30 laminated staggered. Use of light refraction color, laminated and control section within...

  • New dyes and additives for synthetic fibers Date:2016-03-19 10:27:46 Click:125 Feedback:0

    New dyes and additives for synthetic fibers According to reports, the worlds synthetic fiber production to maintain sustained growth, particularly since 1992, has become the main material of synthetic fiber textiles and clothing. Trends fib...



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